“Strategic Advantage Through Environmental Solutions”


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Holly is about connections.  She connects well with people, she builds bridges between them, she sees linkages among issues, and she is a great communicator who can translate issues from one audience to another.  These proclivities and talents, combined with her extraordinary enthusiasm, organizational skills, and extensive knowledge of climate and sustainability issues, enable her to be highly effective on whatever initiative she undertakes.  

  ~Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC  

Holly gave the best lecture on climate change I've ever heard, and I've heard Al Gore.

  ~Dr. Jerold Lowenstein, Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, Recipient of the Fellow Medal, the Academy's Highest Honor 

We hired EES five times.  It's typical for a major company like Proctor & Gamble to go with a big, name-brand consulting firm, but Holly and EES do superb research and analysis and pinpoint the strategic issues.  Holly has an extraordinary network of contacts that is a highly valuable resource to anyone looking to develop partnerships.  They did excellent work for us.    

    ~George Carpenter, Vice President, Corporate Sustainable Development, Proctor & Gamble

Holly and her colleagues brought to our project a wealth of connections and a very high level of professionalism and energy, which made a real difference and helped us succeed in a new area for the company. 

    ~Pierre Delforge, Environmental Sustainability Programs, Hewlett Packard 

Holly's paper and presentation were a tour de force, outstanding. The leaders were stunned by her information which motivated them to pass a resolution requiring all future meetings to be plastic-free and to continue using their influence to help solve the plastics crisis. 

   ~Thomas Axworthy, Secretary General of the InterAction Council, and former Principal Secretary and Chief Speechwriter for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  

It was a great experience working with Holly Kaufman and her team.  We are quite happy!  She did an extremely thorough job, gave us so much more in both quantity of information and quality of assessment than I ever expected, they over-performed.  She used her personal contacts to discover obscure but very valuable information.  She made us think about questions and resources we never would have come upon and the final product will help us make critical decisions to move forward with our work.  The next time we have a need, we would definitley hire her again.

   ~Doug Boucher, Ph.D, Director, Tropical Forest & Climate Initiative, Union of Concerned Scientists

Holly has the unusual ability to both see the "big picture" and be attentive to details.  That makes her an excellent manager. 

   ~Ivonne A-Baki, Ecuadorian Ambassador to the U.S. and Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Trade, Industry & Fisheries 

Holly and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. She provided detailed and thorough research and analysis for C40 and we couldn't thank her enough for her hard work and passion!
   ~Laura Jay, Regional Director for North America at C40 Cities 
Holly and her team were much more than the usual consultants - they really put their heart into this project.  That is what motivated our members to get engaged and bring a new energy and cohesion to our organization.


 ~Dr. Joh Henschel, International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER), Namibia

EES led a dynamic, participatory strategic planning process which energized our international membership and got them involved in planning the future of their organization... ILTER is continuing to strengthen and grow, and for that we owe Holly a big thank you.

   ~Dr. Steve Hamburg, Science Director, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF); Co-Chair, US-ILTER International Committee; Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

I've worked with Holly for over fifteen years.  Whenever I need something done right, done quickly and thoroughly, I turn to Holly.

   ~Ray Clark, Associate Director, White House Council on Environmental Quality

What was particularly effective, in addition to the fine job you did identifying our target audiences and bringing the coalition together on a strategic outreach plan, was the emphasis you put on the follow-up steps we needed to take to ensure that we implemented it.  Your insistence on follow through worked, and the plan became the roadmap to a successful outcome.

   ~Karen Garrison, Co-director, Ocean Initiative, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Holly has provided tremendous value by introducing us to and garnering the support of influential business leaders who want to amplify their business opportunities and improve the US economy by being at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

    ~Kathryn Phillips, former Manager, Clean Air Campaign, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF); Director, Sierra Club California

Holly has become a trusted source of sound advice and wise guidance.  Holly's range of experience, diplomatic skill and deep understanding of sustainability issues make her an invaluable resource!

    ~Margaret Bruce, Director, Center for Climate Action